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You never know what I’m going to do next. It’s usually something long and difficult like walking 500 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago, or competing in the Wakiki Roughwater Swim without a team or coach to help me train. Training for a competitive 2.5 mile swim event while living in Arizona was a little challenging. The 25 meter pool doesn’t prepare you for the swells of the ocean or not being able to grab the side of a pool when gasping for air. Most recently, I mentored business people in Poland for a program designed to increase their English language skills. I traveled by myself for 32 days throughout Poland and loved it. 

My latest big challenge was writing a children’s book. Yep. Not the organizing book that you’ve all been begging me to write, but a children’s book. It’s a story inspired by my grandson Matteo who is on the autism spectrum. He gets bullied in school. One day he was crying and I told him he should think of himself as a knight with armor that protects him from the unkind words. I reminded him he has a golden heart. That conversation kept percolating in my mind and I began to write. It took 2.5 years and 18 drafts but I finished. 

When Matteo read the book for the first time, he smiled in places and held back tears in others. The next day he jumped around the house and said, “I’m so excited that I have something now to look forward to in my life.” That made it all worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “The Boy With A Golden Heart”

  1. The book is such a labor of love. It shows through the details on every page. Even though I know the story and the deep emotional pain the bullying caused and how difficult it was just getting out of bed to go to school knowing what awaited him, I know also the healing he has experienced in the years since. Matteo holds tightly to his Golden Heart, just like his loving Grandmother advised him. Although making friends is still a challenge, he has really blossomed and he now doesn’t hesitate to make jokes in class or embrace his silly side. I hope other people reading this book can relate and recognize the Gold in their lives, carrying it with them for all time.

  2. Charlotte Plott

    Wow Nancy, how exciting!!
    I just ordered a copy for my Kindle, and I know I will enjoy it.
    Through the years you have always impressed me with your talents.
    I am so happy to know you 🙂
    I look forward to reading Matteo story.

    Congratulations, and keep us posted as you take on new challenges.

    God Bless

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Early Praise for the Book

Michelle Roca
Verified Purchase
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A great story about a child and his wonderful imagination and aspirations, overcoming bullying and achieving his dreams. The illustrations are vibrant and detailed. Each time I read it to my son we discover something new in the illustrations. A great book I would definitely recommend.
Nina Reinbolt
Verified Purchase
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This was a perfect little book. Such a good story about a Special Boy. Everyone needs to read and realize how being kind is so important and you can be anything you want to be in life. I really enjoyed it.
Verified Purchase
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I love this book! It's a story about a boy with a bright imagination, loving spirit and kind, forgiving heart. The illustrations are bold and colorful. I would definitely recommend this to every parent for their child.
John Dight
Verified Purchase
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This is an amazing story that I think a lot of kids will relate to and enjoy! The illustrations are just beautiful. It's obvious that a lot of time and effort went into this book. Bravo! Can't wait to share it with all the kiddos in my life.
Shopping Spice
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This books features a wonderful message for children who are finding their way in the world. I find it especially poignant because the main character grows up in a humble home, with a parent who cares more about the gem that he is, instead of focusing on what he might achieve as an adult. The artwork is stellar.
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I loved the colors in the book, and the story is something I felt my kids could connect with!
Priscilla Dillbeck
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I loved it! This is like finding a little treasure. I will share this book with other Mom's I also like how the Author (Nancy) will get a "nudging" and will pursue/complete the calling. Thank you for sharing with us Nancy.
Nancy Meyer
Verified Purchase
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The illustrations are vibrant and beautiful. The message is positive, uplifting and encouraging. I did recommend it for my grandchildren.
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